Review: Playdough


“Lonely Superstar”
(UpRok Records)

Another vicious UpRok emcee with a voracious appetite for touching souls via mic control, Playdough’s latest release “Lonely Superstar” exemplifies the starving artist’s lyrical lifestyle that may, more often then not, lack luster.  Despite his somewhat comedic name and mediocre grasp on vocabulary range, Playdough’s lyrics question, scrutinize, analyze, conceptualize, and straight out rip it with knowledge intrinsically tangled between digital and organic style beats. With potential gravitating towards a gift to gab, Playdough needs only time…time in the lab with the pen and pad (like his less humble DP5 counterpart SevStatik) and he’ll be spitting bars with the gift. Production is remarkable; the guitar laid down by Aaron Willis only strengthens the digital approach of Beat Rabbi. Who, by the way, provided Playdough with a technical tasteful track to educate everybody on “5 Cent Needleheads”.