Review: Pseudosix

“Days of Delay”
(54 40 or Fight!)

It is one hundred degrees below zero in the Northeast right now.  Well, not right now, but earlier this week.  When it gets that cold, nothing works, apparently.  Cars break, people die, power lines snap, everything grinds to a halt.  Which is basically what happens on “Days of Delay”, a subdued indie rock album that will remind you of Modest Mouse at their most moribund.

Full of little hooks that are lost in the Prozac, Pseudosix cram fourteen tracks of hibernated rock into one darkly threatening piece.  How can it be so slow and yet threatening at the same time? You’re no doubt asking yourself.  You know how Al Pacino and Robert De Niro are at their most menacing when they’re methodically understated?  Same thing here, as Pseudosix’s intricately crafted, dark dreariness will have you shuddering with lyrics that never make you scared, yet never let you feel entirely comfortable either.