Review: Pretty Grils Make Graves

Pretty Girls Make Graves
“The New Romance”
(Matador Records)

With their second full length release “The New Romance” Seattle, Washington’s Pretty Girls Make Graves have not only made a serious impact on the world of independent rock, but within the world of quality music in general. With a collection of singles, one EP and an LP already under their belt, their latest release on Matador Records is destined to be yet another overlooked piece of amazing musicianship.

“The New Romance” is twelve songs of tawdry punk rock with harmonies liken to that of experiencing a twisted slumber party on clean blotter. With frenetic guitars and bass/drum driven tunes; the magic of PGMG lies in the distinct vocal stylings of singer Andrea Zollo. Zollo’s a doppelganger for Kelly Osbourne (which has it’s ups and downs I’m sure) but her vocal delivery and songwriting skills certainly surpass the myriad of young singer/songwriters which are currently cluttering up the musical landscape. It’s rare when you can listen to an album from start to finish without having to skip through some of the less savory tracks.

Thankfully though, “The New Romance” isn’t one of those albums. Each track on this record is worth listening to and is something that should be shared with others. And yes, though their name may be a rip-off from a Smith’s song, their music is some of the most original stuff to be released in quite some time. If you’ve been holding you’re breath for something new to save you – you may now exhale. “The New Romance” is that breath of fresh air many of us have been waiting for.