Review: Pressure Point

Pressure Point
“To Be Continued”
(GMM Records)

Fun punk rock.  Loud, aggressive, hoarsely shouted stuff with some minor political leanings (anti-racist and pro-union sentiments pop up here and there) but mostly its about life’s struggle with some anthems about drinking.  Thus, perfectly defined, Pressure Point is working class punk.  The album is easy to like and I see no immediate reason why I should resist it.  Sometimes I hear NOFX influence and sometimes Chaos U.K. and at other times Motorhead.  It’s good, full-throttle punk rock and roll for fans of Poison Idea and as mentioned, Motorhead.

They seem to play what they feel at the time and if that means throwing in hardcore edged reggae alla Mighty Mighty Bosstones, then they won’t shy away from it as heard on the track, “Drinkin’ with the Damned.”  In fact, that might not be too bad a comparison, imagine a harder, faster more vicious Bosstones and then you’re getting close to the sound we have on this here record.

The band is certainly more deserving of listener’s ears than most of the spandex-clad, Mohawked Barbie doll punkers tromping hither and thither across the country like a parade of Motley Crue’s ex-girlfriends.  Hopefully Pressure Point will get those ears soon.