Review: The Planet Smashers

The Planet Smashers
“No Self Control”
(Stomp Records)

I haven’t gotten one ska record from this here magazine in the last two years I’ve worked for them and then I get like three in the same month.  Is there another ska revival rearing its ugly head or something?  I didn’t get that memo.  The Planet Smashers are a two-tone outfit from Montreal, featuring trombones, saxophones, and all the trimmings.  Apparently, Canadians listen to crappy music, too.  The Planet Smashers have received their fair share of press lately from music magazines around the nation.  They’ve been on the Warped Tour and played in front of thousands of zit-faced high schoolers.  Unfortunately, “No Self Control” just doesn’t do that much for me.

Ska is such a subjective music genre; you’ll meet those who love it and will always love it and you’ll meet those who would nail vital parts of their anatomy to inanimate objects than be subjected to a Skankin Pickle CD.  In defense of TPS, they’re not nearly as annoying as they could be.  They don’t sound as clean as The Voodoo Glow Skulls and they’re not as witty as Reel Big Fish, but their sound and their style match nice.  I just don’t like them, that’s all.  If you like horns and silly circle dancing, then you’ll probably like this one.  If you’re like me, then start looking for a nail and a hammer, because it’s time to get started.