Review: Pinhead Gunpowder

Pinhead Gunpowder
“Compulsive Disclosure”

Pinhead Gunpowder basically sounds like Green Day + Crimpshrine, which is fitting, being that Billie Joe sings and Aaron, Jason and Bill are from Crimpshrine, Monsula and The Influents, respectively. The band’s been around forever (13+ years), but they don’t really tour or anything as it’s more of a side project, although the occasional show is not unheard of.

This album is good, Pinhead are good, but unless I’m mistaken (I didn’t get any paperwork for this album from the label), only one of these songs is totally 100% original never-before-released Pinhead material. The rest can be found in their original form, on compilations, vinyl, singles and the such. Regardless, it’s cool when they stick all the stray animals in one barn (?) and this a fun, albeit short (14 minutes for nine tracks) album worthy of ears.