Review: Otep

“House of Secrets”

I don’t remember Otep sounding this much like Slipknot.  Coming from the camp that digs Slipknot, that’s cool enough to these ears.  Because Otep features a female vocalist that adds that warmer element amongst the aggressive chaos, only to tear it to shreds moments later.  The songs are creatively put together with much attention to structure and tempo, shifting gears in your face with a defiant crunch and pained howl.

Some Korn influenced neurotic whispering and self-discussions punctuate themselves on the downtime before the heavy percussions bring that Slipknot metal in.  It’s the ground covered between those two bands and the female tint to the vocals that define this band.  The drumming really shines having a large impact on many of the songs.

This sound is a bit formulaic at this point, but what Otep is doing with it is far from uninspired.  This disc rages often, exposing some legitimate angst against speed with some technical brutality smeared into the scab.  The title track, with it’s creepy hollow bluesy beginning shows this band is capable of much more than the attack and retreat tactics of their metal peers.  Moods are created, caressed, climaxed and shattered.  Any kid with a Slipknot t-shirt should be masturbating to this band.