Review: Mike Park

Mike Park
“For The Love Of Music”
(Asian Man Records)

Stories told acoustically from who else, Mike Park.  There’s a cool progression of pictures showing Mike from baby almost every year to 2003.  It’s kind of cool to see how people change from year to year.  It’s really such a long span of time, half a life time really just lined up simply in a bunch of pictures.  Each something else is learned and added and thus changes are made.

“For The Love Of Music” is an album, that seems to reflect various times throughout Mike Parks life that most likely had an impact on him as a person.  If there’s anything that I’ve taken from music it’s that there’s no better way to relay stories, feelings,  ideas, and messages than in song.  Mike Park plays mainly acoustic on this album but there are some tunes that have electric guitar and lite drumming.

Mike Park was in a popular ska band, but I can imagine that he probably wouldn’t want that to be the reason why you by this record so I’m not going to say which band.  His vocals are top rate, the stories are heart felt and the songs have good hooks and are pretty poppy.  The stories go from childhood memories all the way to now.  We all have a story to tell, here’s a story with some good music to accompany it.