Review: My Bitter End

My Bitter End
““A Thin Line Between Heaven and Here””
(Inner Strength)

New York, predominately noted for the vast hardcore scene, draws no boarder line between the worlds of hardcore and heavy metal. In all honesty, there is in-fact a significant difference. But the effectiveness this state has brought forth shows no limits, and with that comes My Bitter End. What’’s even more so captivating than the traditional guitar riffs, is how the actual complexity of each band members talent is bestowed in the progression from track to track. Do we really have the metal/hardcore bands to blame for the sympathetic, love lost emotions, and heartache burned memories apparent in the world of emo?

The lyrics on My Bitter End’s latest release, “A Thin Line Between Heaven and Here”, are filled with hostility and rage, but at the same time hold relevance to the emotional depth. At any rate it’s almost a closed cased debate. These boys can rock. The purity and forcefulness of this album will leave you dazed. I still haven’t come to the conclusion on whether or not they truly bring something new to the table. That’s for you to decide.