Review: Morgion

“Cloaked By Ages, Crowned in Earth”
(Dark Symphonies)

Very dark, very moody, very long.  8 tracks that clock in over an hour.  My Dying Bride type misery.  The listener is hung upon passages that sway in a hypnotic lull, or crawl along with a sludgy slow metallic crunch.  Vocals toggle between a deep smooth vampire-like caress and a demonic belch of torn vocal chords.

The band first made their mark with a few releases on Relapse, but some member changes and a hiatus to restructure has found this release on Dark Symphonies.  The ebb and flow of this darkened yet melodic creation is quite emotional in structure and delivery.  Indulge only if you have the stamina to wade through a couple of 9+ minute tracks.  Since it gets lost in itself often, the listener’s attention can wander.  This makes good, sullen background music to set a dim mood.