Review: Monster Magnet

Monster Magnet
“Monolithic Baby!”

Masters of the slick rock.  Bigger than life presence always seems to seep into the Monster Magnet sound.  Its rock, but with this spacey large vibe to it.  Vocalist Dave Wyndorf has that rock and roll sass that allows him to throw ‘oh yeah baby’ into the lyrics a lot and it completely works.  The guitars just rock.  Period.  Solos, riffage, the whole shebang.

“Slut Machine – you keep my loving strong” from the opening track (“Slut Machine”).  Oh yeah baby. Rock that smacks you on the ass.  There is a thick groove the moves each track, which is a nod to the bluesy roots of this brand of rock.

I can use the word ‘rock’ as many times as I want in a Monster Magnet review, because to hear a Monster Magnet song, is to hear some rock and roll.  The song formulas are decades old, but to be original nowadays, one pretty much has to beat on a dead beaver carcass and call that music.  So the best one can do is rock, and rock hard.   Monster Magnet rocks hard.  Late 70’s hard.  When the guitar spoke as much as the lyrics.

This band first came on the scene in the early nineties and they had to struggle hard against the grunge aesthetic and sound.  Now that the more pure rock sound has been seeing a healthy resurgence, perhaps the time is right for “Monolithic Baby!” to bring Monster Magnet back into the spotlight where they belong.  Did I mention this rocks?