Review: Monday In London

Monday In London
“The Red Machine”
(Indianola Records)

Imagine the vocals of Thom Yorke (Radiohead) mixed with the backing of Thursday and you’ll get a good idea of what Monday In London are about. I realize that’s a pretty fucking big comparison but these guys really are fucking amazing. Not quite sure why these guys aren’t one of the buzz bands right now because they’re pretty fucking tight. With each and every listen this record seems to grow on me quite a bit more. Lyrics like “Watching you run to your alibis, I hope he feels good between your thighs,” in the song ‘Smart Bomb’ is like the ultimate revenge for those scorned by a female companion; pure fucking genius.

The guitars on this record are powerful and create the ultimate atmosphere for Tanner Cardwell’s emotive vocals. The band manages to explore different sounds to avoid becoming another stagnant hardcore/emo act as evident in songs like ‘Acting Surgeon’ and song of the piano on the record. I can’t really say enough good things about this record and honestly I could keep stroking the band’s cock here or you could buy the fucking record and meet your new favorite band. What more do you want me to say?