Review: Midtown

“Living Well is the Best Revenge”
(Drive Thru/MCA)

Somewhere inbetween Saves the Day and The Movielife exists Midtown. It’s too poppy, yet I’ve listened to this album way too many times to justify that as a negative comment. See, it’s got plenty of lighthearted lyrics with soft and strong melodys, which is cool but feels overdone. I felt myself wishing for more instrumentally focusd songs, which is suprising since Mark Trambino (Drive Like Jehu drummer) produced this album, although you can tell Mark’s signature touch on the Midtown’s drumming. Aside from the Pennywise sounding “A Faulty Foundation”, this is an album for someone who just cant get into bands like Thursday and Finch because they sound too heavy, but they enjoy the lighter sounds of Jimmy Eat World.