Review: Impaled

“The Dead Shall Dead Remain”
(Death Vomit Records)

Carcass-inspired gore metal.  There I said it.  But that really fails to capture the sonic furry that is Impaled’s slaughter house.  Just as bloody and nasty as metal’s ugly head ever gets, The Dead Shall Dead Remain utilizes all the elements of Death/Grind in a war like approach to music.  Blast beats that are tight and as fast as they come, guitar work that is just fucking hot, and more gore then you can shake a severed limb at.  In fact some of the more notorious press on Impaled has less to do with their fucking awesome
music, as it does with their tongue in cheek use of blood and guts covers.  In a sense to mention Impaled without discussion of the cover would to neglect part of their story.  So here’s a quick recap: they released The Dead Shall Dead Remain with a picture of a toilet strewn with entrails and blood, and the feet of some hapless metal head who eat some really bad food (i.e. he shit him self to death).  The distribution company freaked out and refused to continue to work with the album until a cover for the cover was
added.  So the G rated new version you’d be likely see on the shelves is black with album and band title, and “Explicit Cover Art: Banned in 42 Countries.”The good thing is that most of the time a band causes this much hoopla, they really are getting more notice they their music deserves, take Marilyn Manson for instance.  Impaled, on the other hand, plays unbelievably good Death/Grind.  There is so little that can even be said that is worthy of the technicality and brilliance of the work in this genre.  These kids have a lot of humor with there metal: each solo is titled; take one the solos on “All That Rots,” called “Exfodiation of pus filled stiffs for total gormandization.”  Gormandization?  Right. Do your self a favor and go out right now, and get this album, you need it.  Your still reading!! GO!!