Review: McFaddens

“Here We Go!”
(Aggravated Music)

To say that something is completely devoid of talent and originality is really quite a statement if you stop and think about it.  I mean, even the worst crayon-in-his-mouth-by-a-third-grader-on-Ritalin-bashing-his-head-up-and-down-on-a-piece-of-butcher-paper-drawing has got a small amount of creative energy behind it.  “Here We Go!”, on the other hand, makes me wish I had some butcher paper laying around.

Seriously, with generic street punk about getting Chinese food and dudes with dogs, the McFaddens are really pushing the envelope to its lowest possible level.  Or maybe they’re lowering the bar, whichever metaphor you prefer.  As evidence of the abysmal lyrics, I’d like to submit “Family Vacation”, the ninth and final track on “Here We Go!”, which goes, “Driving in the car, going really far/ Buy me a bag of chips/ Family Vacation!/ Put on your seatbelt, don’t hit your sister/ Hands inside the car”.  And that, gentle reader, is the extent of the song.  Here we go, indeed.