Review: Mary Lorson & Billy Cote

Mary Lorson & Billy Cote
““Piano Creeps””
(The First Time Records)

“Piano Creeps” is an unbelievably mellow record of mass proportions.  You can really feel the jazz and slowcore thing Mary and Billy have so eloquently crafted.  With each additional listen I realize more and more you need a phat chronic blunt, a good bottle of red wine, and one of those cool painter hats to get in character for “Piano Creeps”.  For some reason I can see this album doing really well in France and Spain.  I just think it is a little too deep for American honkies and their punk ideals.  Seriously, some of my punk friend’s heads would explode if I tried to throw in “Piano Creeps”.  I’ve come to realize that pianos and Moog sound really good and that when coupled with guitars and an artsy mentality something magical happens.  Truthfully, this is one of the best albums I got this month because it is so well written and really different from what’s on the market right now.  This is a spectacular piece of work.