Review: Intro5pect

(A-F Records)

“Go, fight, know your rights / Demand your society provide a better life” goes the chorus of “Rights”, the first track from Intro5pect’s first full-length album.  Combining the raw guitars of punk, DJ breakbeats, a few drum samples and synthesized electronica, Intro5pect has crafted a bold new hybrid of punk rock.  Dave’s vocals sound strikingly similar to Youth Brigades’ Shawn Stern in terms of both style and delivery.  Lyrically, Intro5pect has got a lot in common with Propaghandi or even with the Clash circa-“Police and Thieves”.  Yeah, it’s hard to figure where the synthesized elements fit in, but they certainly do, adding a vibrant edge to the majority of the tracks.

If you’re feeling that a lot of music is stale these days (CCR, The Smiths and the Rolling Stones are selling you cars on TV, people), then you’re right.  It’s not often that a band like Intro5pect comes along and shakes things up a bit by taking a daring and inspired stab at something entirely new.  Sure, At The Drive-In and a few other acts have attempted to incorporate various seemingly ill-fitting musical puzzle pieces to form a seamless and complete sonic picture, but I think A-F Records has got a band here that might just do it better.