Review: Dance Disaster Movement

Dance Disaster Movement
“We Are From Nowhere”
(Dim Mak)

Although they claim to be from nowhere DDM’s humble homebase of Long Beach, CA.  has been bursting at the seams with amazing new bands (Squab, Minus Fashion and Your Enemies Friends, to name a few).  But DDM are certainly in a league of their own with this hypnotic brand of two-piece, no-wave robot funk.  They aren’t kidding about dancing either.  These guys are more demanding of an audience than the Gossip when it comes to getting people to move their asses or get the fuck out of the club.  An amazing band that never fails to deliver, they’ve already blown minds here at the Casbah and Scolari’s Office and have promised to return.  If you missed out either of those times you’d be a fool to do so again.  Another fine release from Dim Mak records.  Fans of Liquid Liquid, ESG and movement in general take note!