Review: Manmade God

Manmade God

Thinking they were just another nu-metal band flogging a dead horse was my first mistake.  Nu-metal is about the farthest thing from Manmade God’s creative minds. The prodigy of super producer Rick Rubin (System of a Down, Beastie Boys) these guys channel the energy of old Soundgarden with the power and appeal of Kyuss or Unida.  There are times when this disc reminded me of when I would sit in my room for hours and listen to one album 3 or 4 times in a row, without stopping. Songs like ‘Lizard Bones’’ or ‘Searching for Greater Things’’ are a throwback to a time when music wasn’t influenced by suits and ties.  I for one have to applaud Manmade God for making a record that’s true to themselves and not influenced by the trends; highly recommended.