Review: Darediablo

“Feeding Frenzy”
(Southern Records)

These guys have a song titled “Crockett & Tubbs”.  Remember Miami Vice?  That was the shiznet when you were like age one.  Seriously.  It was super popular and men started to dress like Don Johnson and leave a little scruff on their face to have that rough exterior macho look.  Here’s a little pop culture tidbit: one of the major razor companies made a special blade that guys could use that would give them a shave, but not a clean shave.  And it would leave them with that sexy stubble look.  Don’t ask me how I remember this.  I wasn’t even old enough to have hair on my balls yet when this all went down.  I still don’t have hair on my balls, but that’s a different story. So I saw the title “Crockett and Tubbs” and I skipped to it after I realized the first two songs were tepid instrumentals that were little more than indulgent, lame prog excursions (same goes for the third song but even worse).  I thought, man maybe these guys will satirize Crockett and Tubbs.  Maybe they’ll pay tribute to the pop icons.  Maybe they’ll mention the stubble.  Nothing.  Another instrumental teeming with organ.  And not like the cool instrumentals that Jan Hammer weaved in and out of every episode of Miami Vice.  Drat.