Review: Love Me Destroyer

Love Me Destroyer
“Black Heart Affair”
(Suburban Home Records)

Blending punk and post-hardcore has never led any band in the wrong direction.  Love Me Destroyer proves this fact one more time.  From the death of Pinhead Circus and Jedi 5 came the birth of Love Me Destroyer.  Fans of either of those two bands will be pleased as punch with the former members’ latest musical creation.  It is a little heavier than Pinhead Circus, but it delivers in all the right places.

Reminiscent at times of Samiam and Face to Face, Love Me Destroyer has cut out all the filler crap that makes potentially good bands bad and released a solid debut with song after song of solid riffs and a chaotic punk sound that is well rehearsed. And if the music wasn’t good enough, they have released an eerie book to go along with it. Pictures of people being tortured litter the booklet with scribbled lyrics thrown in like ransom notes.  From the flushed out opening of “Add Vice” to the fist-to-the-face riffs of “Fingers and Tongues”, Love Me Destroyer never lets up.