Review: Lickgoldensky

“The Beautiful Sounds of…”
(Escape Artist Records)

Vocalist Alexander Lesher an approach his screeching vocals that is a like a no speed bumps road to metalcore heaven.  Lesher’s animalistic screams perfectly compliment the frenetic sound created by the other members of this Philadelphia-based group of madmen.  You can forget about finding anything even remotely resembling harmony or melody on “The Beautiful Sounds of…” as the pace is as breakneck as Jean Claude Van Damm in “Bloodsport”.

Disillusionment, debasement and utter alienation filter through the nine tracks like paint thrown blindly on canvas-at times even rhythm itself seems totally abandoned.  My biggest complaint is the overuse of repetition within each of the tracks.  Sure, setting a mood is important and all, but when the same couplets are rephrased on track after track, it gets a little old.  Still, if you like your hardcore screamy and scratchy, then this one is for you.