Review: No Motiv

No Motiv

“Lola” is a five song release featuring two songs from No Motiv’s upcoming release “Daylight Breaking”, and two unreleased songs.  Teens everywhere are going to be blooming zits in anticipation of No Motiv’s upcoming album.  If you haven’t heard No Motiv before they can be likened to labelmates, Saves the Day, or Fairweather (Equal Visions).

The music is emo/pop from the ground up, vocals that are about girls, and hardships, i.e.: “if only I could find it, she’s miles away!” and “would you live another day, just for me?”.  I mean, does this really help teens out?  Not that they’re trying to help teens out, but why make these kids want to kill themselves over girls or boys.  If you ask me it’s launching a full scale depression movement.  I just thought of a cool marketing gimmick, include a tissue with each CD!  Why do you think antidepressant sales are the highest that they’ve ever been?  Emo.