Review: Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade

Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade
“Live Frogs – Set 2”
(Prawn Song)

Showcasing past their own brilliance, Les Claypool and his Frog Brigade cover Pink Floyd’s classic 1977 album “Animals”.  Flawlessly.  Front to back.  Truly a tribute as the band managed to grasp unto and transfer live the spacey, ethereal rock of Pink Floyd.  They did not ‘re-interpret’ as much as paid tribute, performing with pristine recreation.  Rarely do I like other artist’s reworkings of classics.  And doubly so when it’s my favorite album by the selected artist.  Les and friends completely floor the listener with the impact of drug-addled genius the original delivered.  And it’s live.  Brilliantly recorded to capture the essence as best as a live recording can.  Don’t expect any Claypool bass tomfoolery on this release.  This is the band paying tribute as purely as possible.  One really needs to have a comprehension of the original Pink Floyd release to truly grasp how cool this is, but even those unfamiliar with the artist covered here should have no problem finding the beauty within the dreamy, sweeping melodies laid against an atmospheric landscape of the bands imagery.  An ambitious project that fully succeeds in its vision.