Review: The Kaisers

The Kaisers
“Shake Me!”
(Get Hip Recordings)

The Kaisers go in for a very melodic, song-oriented approach to garage rock. Their result is very reminiscent of the early Beatles sound. This Fab Four approach is increasingly evident climaxing long before the end of the album with the very Beatlesque Merseybeat harmony vocals of “Don’t Torture Me.” At this point, this Scottish garage rock revival royalty is an early ’60’s male vocal group with subdued rock accompaniment. However, they do not deserve to be labeled as merely derivative for the simple fact that they are so good and enjoyable at what they do. Those neo-beatniks ready to twist the night away in go-go boots and lava lamps will find this the ideal soundtrack. Also, music aficionados will scratch their heads trying to recall which period 45 is being covered here, but that is just it. The Kaisers sound so damn authentic because they have truly incorporated the sound formula of that era. The only cover here in the 14 songs and instrumentals is the beat band standard “Just a Little Bit.”