Review: Legen Beltza

Legen Beltza

I love the band photo on the inner sleeve of this CD.  Every guy in the band has his mouth open as if screaming, baring his teeth.  They’re all flexing their muscles in tension.  It’s brilliant in that hilarious dopey heavy metal way.  (Note to editor: include that picture next to the CD review) (Note to editor: leave all my notes to you in my reviews) (note from editor: fuck you dick.  Don’t tell me what to do.  You are a dick.)  But what of the bands sound?  Fucking hell, man.  I don’t know what to say.  It’s killer!  The vocals are bound to be, for most people, a love ’em or hate ’em affair, and I’m firmly in the love ’em camp.

Christ, I love anything that is different and wild; that escapes the norm of either Dickinson or growly death metal.  The guitars are crunchy.  The song intros are long and doom-laden.  They have some sing along choruses.  Most of the music is mid-tempo with occasional bouts with speed metal pacing.  At times I’m almost willing to say that they’re like a little sister of Kreator’s, and that’d be close to the truth but it’d ignore much of their originality.  Do you like the guitar sound on Faith No More’s song “Surprise Your Dead”?  Because that’s more or less what the guitar sound on this album sounds like.