Review: Last Laugh

Last Laugh
“Ashamed Of It”
(Suburban Noize)

You know the feeling you get when you hear an album that’s pretty good but nothing to flip out over. That’s exactly how I feel about Last Laugh’s “Ashamed Of It”. While the effort is a good display of poppy melodic punk, there’s still something missing in order to make this a truly amazing record. The band exhibits a little bit more diversity than your average punk rock outfit, which should help to keep these guys around for more than a few albums.

Songs like “Define Destiny” and “Casualty” showcase the band’s ability to write catchy songs that feature good hooks. With the right tours and the proper promotion Last Laugh has a pretty good shot at making a name for themselves within the punk scene and with a little bit more work, these guys could easily make a name for themselves in the mainstream.