Review: KMFDM


I just got back from a wedding in Lodi, where a lot of country music was played.  I hate a lot of stuff about country music: the twang, the boots, the trucks, NASCAR, the list could go on for quite some time.  The one thing I like about country music: it’s better than KMFDM.  If Heart and Pantera had a child that was raised by Orgy, this would be it.  Full of syth-metal bleakness and over-the-top, heavy-handed vocals, “WWIII” plays like techno music at a vampire rave.  The majority of the vocals come from Lucia Cifarelli, who shrieks her way through most of her lyrics, when not being drowned out by the omnipresent synthetic beats.  There are also plenty of growling vocals, provided by Raymond Watts, in case you’re into that kind of thing.  The entire release has a claustrophobic, suffocating feel to it-devoid of anything resembling a hook.  JR and Lisa, best of luck to you both; and should you decide to do one of those re-affirmation ceremony years from now, I have just the CD for you not to play.  Congratulations and have fun in Jamaica.