Review: Kittens for Christian

Kittens for Christian
“Privilege of Your Company”
(Serjical Strike)

Here’s the deal: I review CDs while typing at my computer and sometimes rather than getting up and walking across the room to play a CD on my stereo I slap one into the computer.  This makes good and lazy sense.  Well, when I tried that trick with this Kittens for Christian CD it wouldn’t play in my iTunes.  In fact, iTunes had to be force-quit and the computer needed to be rebooted because it believed that I still wanted it to be playing the CD.  I rebooted the computer, removed the offending disc and snapped the son of a bitch in half; that’s when I noticed the disc claimed to be “copy-protected” and that it is “intended for playback in conventional CD players.  Not intended for playback on PC or MAC.”  What a load of fucking bullshit!  Dictating the way I should play and listen to music!  Pretty stringent copy-protection policy over at a label run by a guy who put out an album called “Steal This Album” with his own band.

I lied.  I didn’t snap the disc in half.  I got up and played it in my stereo.  It’s okay.  The vocalist sounds like the guy from Hot Hot Heat, who in turn sounds like the guy from The Cure, who himself sounds like Kermit the Frog.  The bands old vocalist, Fate Fatal, had pipes a hundred times more intense and moody.  The music is easy going, poppy with some darker & gothier aspects thrown in for good measure.  You should think of Siousxie and the Banshees playing on American Bandstand.  It’s safe to call this musically diverse, and it’s not too bad, but I’m still pretty pissy about having to reboot my computer.