Review: The Kings of Nuthin

The Kings of Nuthin
“Fight Songs”
(Disaster Records)

Psychobilly, fast R&B, rockabilly and angry swing squished into a pint, shooken, and you’ve got The Kings of Nuthin. Now, I hate those fuckin ‘mixed drink’ analogies as much as the next guy, but that’s as close as I can get. This is the second release by the Boston 8 piece, who have seemed to borrow some of fellow natives Dropkick Murphys energy and twist it into a new genre.Torr Skoog, in a gravely voice, will give you the dirty about women, hot rods and being a fuck up with this emphesis that he’s been there, done that, all the while backed by excellent bass (standup), guitar, piano, washboard (!!), sax(two – tenor and baritone) and drums in a perfect harmony. That is, perfect for a greaser.