Review: Kid Koala

Kid Koala
“Some of My Best Friends Are DJs”
(Ninja Tune)

Yeah, its a funny name for a DJ. Its an even funnier name for an author (he has a book to his name). Listening to a Kid Koala album is an interesting experience. He begins his album with a funky big band era introduction and takes us on a journey into the smooth world of electronica, drum n bass, jazz, and hip hop. Some of my Best Friends is about as experimental as a DJ album as your gonna get and in this case that’s a good thing. His previous album “Carpal Tunnel Syndrome”  might have been a little easier to listen to, but his new work seems far more inventive. It might be fair to say that this album, should be especially appreciated by those fine people out there who happen to call themselves DJs.

Koala uses scratching and instrumentation to near perfection. The one flaw is the excess of interludes. Only two were enjoyable. Kid Koala is trying neither to be upbeat or downtempo with his new release. You are far more likely to smile while listening to this album than you would be nodding your head. So what does tat mean? It means Kid Koala is probably a funny guy. Kid Koala is not your run of the mill DJ but he is a good one and a not so bad cartoonist as well. Another fine Ninja Tune release.