Review: Kataklysm

“Serenity in Fire”
(Nuclear Blast America)

How do you put a description to something so violent it rips all descriptions apart?  You don’t.  I was just talking to my brother and he asked what new music I had from Modern Fix.  I told him I was reviewing a band called Kataklysm.  “Oh yeah,” he said, “I’ve heard them.  They are a crazy metal band with an insane drummer.”  Needless to say, that is exactly what Kataklysm is.  The drumming is so fast and steady I had to double check for drum machine credits.  None exist.  Max Duhamel’s “insane” drumming is all natural.

The growling vocals and wretched screams over the knife sharp guitar riffs are the icing on the drummer’s cake.  “Serenity in Fire” is on a collision course with everything everywhere.  These four guys are making music that could induce seizures.  It’s a good thing I’m not prone to seizures or Modern Fix would have a lawsuit on their hands.  This album should come with a warning: May cause fits of uncontrollable movements because it rocks so fucking hard.  Please, purchase this speed metal at your own risk.