Review: Juno Reactor

Juno Reactor
(Metropolis Records)

Though they have been around for 10 years, mention ‘Juno Reactor’ to most people and you will get a redneck stare back at you with a “that sounds like it has to do with smart stuff!” vocalization. ‘Odyssey’ will be a wonderful start for the likes of the emulators of those who drive around with KC lights on their trucks and those who are unfamiliar with the EBM scene.  The album is a retrospective of the years of work Juno Reactor has put into making unbelievably cool music with some of the most original and hip samples used in music today.

At first listen you’ll probably think the album will be full of menacing techno beats and catchy hooks, but after spending a few minutes jacked into a nice pair of headphones, you’ll notice the subtle samples, backgrounds, and orchestrations that make this a great album.  Now with your appetite stirring for dancy music with a purpose, check out ‘The Matrix:Reloaded”. Juno Reactor does the background music for one of the most adrenaline filled chase scenes in movie history.  They also have two other tracks on the soundtrack and provide music for the upcoming Matrix video game.  To sum it up if you need a soundtrack for driving on the freeway at speeds of over 100mph while doing lines off the steering wheel then you got yourself a winner.