Review: Jets To Brazil “Perfecting Loneliness”

Jets To Brazil
“Perfecting Loneliness”
(Jade Tree)

A inspirational tribute to the cutting, flesh and bone reality that is life.  This is definitely JTB’s most polished and complete album to date which is probably attributable to shedding the skin of previous projects and finding their creative niche.  The use of piano and therefore the music on “Perfecting Loneliness” is much more natural which was in sharp contrast to “Four Cornered Night” which sounded forced.  Thematically, Blake is still that scared and inadequate kid he has always thought of himself.  The older crowd will definitely be able to identify with the more mature artists on this album.

Somewhere in the way Blake and company became men and so did their listeners.  Any of these tracks would be the best one on just about any other bands record, but the more notable tracks include “cat heaven”, “autumn walker”, “further north”, and the lonely ballad “rocket boy”.  The funny thing about “rocket boy” is it’s almost like a story about the artist and his loneliness, but is also about mankind and their starvation to solve life’s qualms.  Just because Texas is the reason doesn’t mean you will be handsome if you eat jawbreakers, but I guess it’s worth a try.  Delicate majesty.