Review: Grave

“Back From the Grave”
(Century Media)

Grave, it’s typically a hole in the ground where dead bodies are thrown and then covered in dirt.  It’s also the name of this death metal band.  It’s a good basic name for a death metal band; especially the death metal band that took the name of “Grave” because they are a good basic death metal band.  The musical focus is on those now well-known gruff cookie monster style vocals and fast, grinding heavy riffs with a mournful solo thrown in at just the right moments.

These fine and merry fellows would have fit in quite comfortably back when all that new tasty death metal came burbling up out of the Floridian swamps in the late eighties, but they’re not from Florida and it sure as hell isn’t the late eighties even if it does feel like it politically.  Nope, Grave is Scandinavian and this is a brand spanking new album set to be released in 2003.  There’s not much more to say except death metal fans both old school and new ought to go get a taste of Grave.