Review: Jerry Granelli

Jerry Granelli
“Iron Sky”
(Love Slave Records)

On this CD, Granelli (Vince Guaraldi, Ralph Towner, Gary Peacock) performs spontaneous percussion on “sound sculptures” more on those in a bit. With him is Jeff Riley (Symphony Nova Scotia, Francois Hule) on clarinets and also the mysterious and metallic “sound sculptures.” While not a performer, John Little is just as integral to the project. It is in the workshop of the master blacksmith Little that the recording took place and from this workshop came the “sound sculptures,” or as Little explains, “iron machines that make new sounds.” On the CD whether starkly lit or in shadows these inventions exhibit physical shapes as strange and alluring as the sparse and distant sounds they create on this sparse and understated CD full of silences and alien visitations from a ferrous world.