Review: Guerrilla Jukebox Volume 1

Various Artists
“Guerrilla Jukebox Volume 1”
(Tee Pee Records)

I went to Yosemite with some buddies a while ago.  On the drive up, my buddy Brian was playing a CD by like, Nate Dogg, or some shit like that.  After a while, he pulls the CD out, looks at it in disgust, rolls the window down and flings the disc straight into an oncoming semi.  CDs powder when they get hit by semis.  It’s pretty funny.  Try it some time.  I’d recommend using “Guerrilla Jukebox” because God knows you wouldn’t want to actually listen to it.

This sloppy mess of southern rock and nu-metal won’t turn many heads outside of those dudes who have smoked so much weed they can’t actually hear the music they’re listening to.  So I guess it won’t turn their heads either, they’d just be sort of indifferent and would eventually eat a burrito and take a nap.

“Jukebox” has got The Atomic Bitchwax doing “Hey Alright”, a stoner-rock Monster Magnet-ish farce, Nebula’s “Let it Burn”, a Sabbath sounding psychedelic snore fest, and sixteen other tracks that will make you wish you had the new Justin Timberlake album.  That boy can dance.

Also featured are Sleep, doing “Cut From Dopesmoker” and perhaps the only band worth a damn, High On Fire’s “Blood From Zion”.
Go make friends with a trucker and make memories.