Review: Drop Logic

Drop Logic
“Fear & Sunlight”

Just another formulaic and wholly uninspired rap/metal hybrid act that believes they’re different from all the other ass-slapping rap/metal hybrid acts.  Drop Logic, however, aren’t content to just rap over the heavy metal tomfoolery, they also rap over lightweight, decidedly non-slamming pseudo hip-hop beats.  The raps are passé and bland and deal with such pertinent issues as being well dressed and possessing a prodigious lexicological reservoir.

This is the kind of music that I hope is of no interest what so ever to men of learning, refinement or taste.  Drop Logic is the antithesis of culture, originality and finesse.  They’re like a dead toad dropped in a pool thriving with tadpoles: a bloated played out corpse attempting to appear alive by surrounding itself with youth.  Nothing is more painful to me than dull Limp Bizkit clones.  That Drop Logic doesn’t even have the good graces or common sense to fashion themselves after a half way talented band is the most heinous of their crimes.  This is worthless cattle plop.  If you want it; seek thee in the bargain bins at the used shop, that’s where all the copies of “Fear & Sunlight” are destined to end.