Review: Evolotto

(Sin Klub Entertainment)

Evolotto play a unique sounding brand of alternative hard rock with a distinctively Midwestern flair and edge.  The music crawls in from all over the map with guitars reminiscent of System of a Down, vocals more in the alternative rock vein and drums performing start/stop beats to confound the kids in the pit.  The album suffers from production, the levels could have all been brought up louder in mastering, and yes I know, my stereo has a volume knob, but that’s not the point.

The point is that it deadens some of the songs, makes the high hat overly tinny and annoying irritates me when I have to return to my stereo and crank the volume up past five on a 2003 release.  Anyway, back to the music itself, production complaints aside.  The band ought to appeal to a healthy thirty to forty percent of nu-metal fans (count me out of their ranks thank you very much) and should find a fan base within those who want metal that isn’t necessarily loathingly crawling after one specific sub-genre(count me amongst their ranks).  The songs range from sludge fest yawners to up-tempo jump-up-and-downers.  They succeed easily on the latter, but the production takes cuts the yarbles off the former.  If, that is, those songs had any yarbles to begin with, and I’d wager they did.