Review: Jared Grabb / The Lesser Birds of Paradise

Jared Grabb / The Lesser Birds of Paradise
““Reading Light””
(Thinker Thought Records)

The first act on this four song split, Jared Grabb, is an acoustic driven contemporary of the early recordings of Dashboard Confessionals.  When a band can rely heavily on open chord acoustic guitars and somehow manage to keep things interesting it’s a rarity.  Jared’s tracks are not earth-shattering; however, they are humble and well written.  I think it would help if all the vocals were in tune with the guitar and each other (they went a little flat sometimes).  Frankly, I liked Dashboard Confessionals like this and I hate the new shit.  This guy better stick to his guns and keep making camp songs.

The Lesser Birds of Paradise sound like a very young Smoking Popes.  It’s the pop drums with the rock guitars and effortless vocals that come out strong and deep despite the lack of enthusiasm.  There is certainly an audience for both these acts.