Review: Genocide Superstars

Genocide Superstars

This is the second album by the Genocide Superstars that have had the pleasure of hearing and reviewing.  These guys play muscular pumped up thrashcore with concretely grounded rock and roll sensibilities.  They’ll pull a wank on the guitar; they’ll throw out some fist pumping riffs and even give the Turbonegro boys a run for their money on furious pop intensity.

The album artwork has really come together on this release as well combining WWII era bombers and WWII era bondage pictures overlaid on advertisements from old men’s magazines of the same time period.

This is a mighty album and could be just the ticket you little poseurs need.  Sure, all your friends are listening to the new Turbonegro and Hot Hot Heat and believe they’re really onto something; on the leading edge of what’s hip and totally in, but you can upstage those slack-jawed media obsessed troglodytes by picking up the newest from the Genocide Superstars.  Come on, for once in your finite and inconsequential life you could actually be cool because you know what makes you cool right?  Yup, that’s it, listening to me makes you cool and doing exactly what I tell you to do makes you the coolest.