Review: Jamie Clark’s Perfect

Jamie Clark’s Perfect
“Nobody is Perfect”

Someone once told me that only arrogant musicians name a band after themselves, which is a pretty easy statement to agree with. Jamie Clark may not be arrogant, but he’s Irish, which is pretty close. According to their bio, Jamie was in a few UK one hit musical acts when he befriended Pogues whistle man Spider Stacy, who later called on him as a temporary replacement for their sick guitarist, Philip Chevron. From what I heard, after Shane McGowan, lead vocalist and, let’s face it, leader of the band, left the group the band lost a few members, and around that time Jamie popped in. Call him a scab or if you will, but he did tour for over five years and contribute writing on their final album, “Pogue Mahone”, sans McGowan of course. Jamie Clark’s Perfect is a three piece, with Jamie handling the guitar and vocals, Andreas Schabinger on the drums and stout Pedja Zaric working the accordion. Average light rock folk music with the occasional high speed numbers like “Hungarian Dance” make this album a good listen for unpredictable tempo’ed music.