Review: Into Eternity

Into Eternity
“Buried In Oblivion”
(Century Media)

Power metal influenced, with soaring duel guitar work (both on the rhythms and leads) with a lacing of hardcore.  It’s that harder, more contemporary edge that makes Into Eternity such a worthy addition to the sea of power metal driven rock bands.  The vocals can do many things: scraping barks, harsher demon whispers and the full on signing with harmonization.  And with the rest of the band shifting gears at the correct moments to maximize the punch, the end result is some technically proficient metal, with heavy nods to traditional power metal, but plenty of sections that show a hardcore edge.

The drums can do that double bass pummel when called upon for the breakdown.  But mostly, those ripping duel guitars steal the spotlight.  Some great precision solo and lead rhythm work is presented on “Buried In Oblivion”.  In Flames fans that have a sense of more traditional European flavored metal will be appeased.  Metal fans should love the dose of hardcore, and hardcore fans might find a window into more metal through this band.  Meaning, they ride a great crossover line (with most of their attack falling in that power metal area) that should appeal to fans of anything thrashing with talent.