Review: Industrial Jazz Group

Industrial Jazz Group
“City of Angles”

Industrial Jazz Group combines all the hip acoustic jazz movements of the 50s, 60s and 70s. This includes bebop, cool jazz, free jazz and more. All this makes it easy for any fan of jazz of the period to be initiated into this album. However, Industrial Jazz Group artfully and effectively incorporates such avant-garde elements as strange synchronizations (xenochrony), prepared tape, musique concrete techniques and more. Such an episode of these weird visitations occurs as “Tribute to Chrome” making it a palette-cleansing sorbet between the vibraphone ending to “Void When Detached” and the interweaving saxophones of “Pince Nez.” Since Industrial Jazz Group (perhaps the only jazz group with a theremin player) adds such unusual sound textures with proper measure, their music does not tread far from being accessible and rooted jazz.