Review: Impaled

“Mondo Medicale”
(Necropolis Records)

The best record of its kind since Carcass unleashed their “Symphonies of Sickness” opus.  Impaled take the name of their album from a series of Italian shockumentaries with such titles as “Mondo Cane”  “Mondo Manson” and “Mondo Bizarro.”  The documentaries were the obvious precursors to the “Faces of Death” videos and delighted in showing their audience the seamy under belly of the world from tribal rituals to nude body painting.  “Mondo Medicale” follows in the same tradition as the album cover graphically displays the vivisection of a human being’s head in ways we had hitherto only imagined happening to Mary Kaye rabbits.  Like Carcass, Impaled’s sense of humor, as dark and warped as some may find it to be, is very evident, and despite what many would think, healthy.  The songs take the listener on a tour of medical atrocities and malpractices that only the most jaded of Hollywood’s vaginal rejuvenation quacks wouldn’t find completely offensive.  The dual vocal attack is highly effective and their good-natured approach to the stomach churning subject matter quickly warms the listener over to their skewed point of view.  Impaled fully delight in their grotesque, medical tome guided grindcore assault.  Add that to the album’s boast of being banned in 84 countries and fans of dark medical grind clearly have an indispensable record.