Review: Lana Lane

Lana Lane
“Project Shangri-La”

Lana Lang?  Lois Lane?  Lana Lang?  Lana Lang was Superman’s small town sweetheart back in Smallville but she hooked up with high school footballer beau, Brad.  By rejecting Clark Kent’s advances and going for the immediate charms of the athletic show off Brad, Lana traded in her future plans for big city success for the comfort and security of the familiar.  Of course, Clark Kent left Smallville and headed to the big city of Metropolis where he encountered the second love of his life in the highly ambitious career driven newspaper gal, Lois Lane.  Lois is what Lana could have become had she been a risk taker which Lois is to a fault as she is in constant peril and in continuous need of rescuing by Superman.  Essentially, the Lois Lane/Lana Lang dynamic is a variant and far more common dichotomy of the old virgin/whore complex.  These two aspects of womanhood, woman of the country: child rearing, homemaker and woman of the city: driven, goal oriented is internalized within the body of Superman who lives a life of duality himself as the brave Uber-mensch and the mawkish, craven Clark Kent.  The CoUNTry (safe)/city (danger) internalized binary opposition is also found in the band name and woman who leads them, Lana Lane, but what overt seventies influenced, keyboard heavy ballads have to do with Superman comics and the depictions of womanhood found therein, I couldn’t tell you.