Review: Hot Like A Robot

Hot Like A Robot
“Hurry Up And Die”
(Criterion Records)

The hippest of indie rock approaches melds passionate yet creative guitars with vocals that can stir something up in the listener.  Hot Like A Robot are indie rock chemists, sitting in their lab, working with this formula and producing some music heavy in individualistic, stylish charm.  They find that edgy difference between No Knife and Jawbreaker.  It’s got rocking tempos, but slightly askew deliveries.  Quick, punctuated rhythms feel more at home than the standard 4/4 count.  There is a rawness that is tempered by the bands ability to find a path of melody within these exposed numbers.  Vocalist Jordan has a vulnerability to his lyrics and general approach that gives the music a captivating element.  A slight warble within his clear delivery is the charming flaw that draws the listener in even more.  Backing vocals are screamed with passion bringing the more rocking moments up above the more creative tangents.  The band isn’t afraid of effects, so expect small little doses of tripped out guitars to paint some extra colors into some of the more sparsely picked guitar runs.  Hot Like A Robot are the hip indie rock band with a subtle neurotic twist you didn’t even know you were looking for.