Review: Hollywood Hate

Hollywood Hate
“Product of Our Environment”
(TKO Records)

The first track, “Another Fine Mess” starts with a fantastic crashing din of heavy guitars followed by rapid lyrics spit from the mouth of Scott Wilkins.  Assembled from leftover pieces of broken bands, Hollywood Hate brings their own brand of California hardcore to your homes via the good folks at TKO.  Speaking of TKO, anyone watch that Tyson fight last Saturday?  My dad always told me, “Son, never buy a Tyson fight because it’s just not worth it.”  Good advice, but it has absolutely nothing to do with this new LP.  Sorry.  Anyway, Hollywood Hate sounds like a more thrashy version of Good Riddance, as Mark HateMark’s chords combine elements of heavy, staccato rhythms with stop-start sensibilities.

Now, when I mentioned that these guys were “hardcore” I meant that in the most softest sense of the word.  No one is going to confuse these guys with the Blood Brothers or Time in Malta or anything like that-they’re just a West Coast band that doesn’t have harmonies and does their best to bring the noise.  Oh, Hollywood Hate also has a lady drummer and her name is Suzy Homewrecker and she’s pretty good and judging from her photo on the jacket looks like she could really kick my ass.  Hell, she looks like she could kick Tyson’s ass.