Review: Reynos

“Stand Up”
(LF Records, Inc.)

It’s hard to decide whether Reynos is the poor man’s Mack 10 or the poor man’s Armageddon (of Terror Squad).  Either way, does it really matter?  On “Stand Up”, Reynos covers played-out thuggery themes in a stale fashion, over incredibly tired keyboard beats.  “Tobacco y Ron” is, musically, an anomaly with a slick Spanish instrumental and vocal sample, which one can focus on, forgetting that Reynos is spitting the status quo in player themes. Truly, Reynos does nothing to separate himself from other ghetto fabulous rappers (who are quickly getting old) such as the aforementioned Mack 10. With generic song titles such as “F#ck You”, “Ain’t No Trust”, and “Undastand Why”, it’s hard not to get the sense that Reynos is just another guy from “the streets”, trying to get over and make an easy buck off of hip-hop. Don’t help him.