Review: Havoc Hate

Havoc Hate
“This Violent Earth”

Sometimes you just know you are gonna get some metal.  With the name, packaging and album title, I just hoped for some good metal.  Havoc Hate start with a heavy nod to the thrash attack of the mid-80’s (Exodus seems to be a valid touch point) but stir things up with an angry singer (sounding like a lower Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth of Overkill, which is another valid musical comparison).  The band employs a steady stream of jackhammer guitar riffs and meaty solos.  Standard fare, but it rocks hard.  Catchy guitar riffs pull in most songs as the drums do their best to keep up with speedy tempos (almost a punk-metal in some of the faster snare snaps).

Havoc Hate are churning out metal for the metal fans, favoring those that have an appreciation for the simpler speed and riffage of the old school thrash, but looking for a more rocked out contemporary version capable of taking on some metallic breakdowns in tempo.  Nothing that recommendable, but I rock this.  I like metal.  Give me your lunch money.